Chcem to v slovenčine!
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Freelance coder and UX designer. My name is Andrej.

This is how I work:

1.First, we're going to talk a lot. I start my work with research, competitive analysis and understanding your business or goals and your target group. All the information I collect is later used for better decision-making during the design phase.

How I work with clients

2 .Based on the first phase I prepare design proposal. I dont't rely on wild guessing, I rather test the ideas on people in user testing. Wireframes or interactive prototype will be my output here.

Sneak-peak of wireframes and prototype

3.Coding is my daily routine. I will be there in the realisation phase. I will make sure that our original ideas don't get lost in translation. If needed, I will get an experienced programmer or skilled graphic designer on board.

HTML code

I have lived in Bratislava (Slovakia), Brno (Czech Republic) & now I reside in small historical town of Banská Štiavnica. I work with slovak WordPress professionals and the best UX company in Brno, Proof&Reason. As a volunteer I organise outdoor experiential courses. In Brno I founded WordPress meetup. When designing a website, I focus on the user*, I ask a lot, I draw and redraw. When coding the front-end, I think a lot about performance and responsive. We are building a coworking space in Banská Štiavnica together with my girlfriend.

the buzzword is UX

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